Negative Energy Shield

Do you often feel like you absorb the negative energy of others? Do you start an event or work or social gathering upbeat and excited, only to feel yourself drained and grouchy by the end? Does someone start complaining about their situation and you get drawn in to help solve their problems? Does a negative energy sheild sound good even though you have no idea what I’m talking about?

You might be an empath.

It sounds new-age mumbo jumbo, but until I realized I was doing it, I was the slave to other people’s emotions. I am empathic, and would unknowingly take in everyone’s negative energy. Anything from anger to sadness was fair game.

Unfortunately, my abilities are much less effective on positive energy. If someone is overly excited, I’ll notice and be happy for them, but it doesn’t dramatically change my attitude like negative energy. There’s actually science behind catching other’s emotions. This Ted Talk explores the topic further.  She gets into this topic deeply about minute 4.

I was catching emotions everywhere I went until I realized I could shield myself from the negativity with a negative energy shield. Again, it sounds very new-agey, but it worked for me and it’s free! The first technique is a meditation. You start by doing meditating on growing your own positive energy.

Find a quiet, calm space, sit however is comfortable for you and begin. Say a prayer to connect yourself to God’s love. Then, envision your energy field growing larger and larger until it fills a room, then larger until it fills a building. Keep expanding and sit quietly while you envision your energy taking up more and more space. Take two minutes at first, the keep practicing regularly. It might take a few practices to feel the effects. Practice often because you’ll use this technique later when you find yourself uncomfortable in a social situation.

Next, I worked on my power pose.

If you’re not familiar, Amy Cuddy gave a Ted Talk about how you can change your biology in two minutes by your posture. There are several options, including my favorite, Wonder Woman. So, while I was drinking my coffee and reading the bible, I started doing a power pose early in the morning. I’m surprised by how well it worked. Watch the video to learn more, or if you’re pressed for time, take two minutes and strike a pose.

Think about the following key phrases the next time you feel overwhelmed by someone else’s negativity. And remember, their bad mood is their issue. You don’t have to fix it or worry about it or change it. The best thing you can be is an empathic ear to listen. Listen but don’t try to solve, let the other person work out their own solution. The minute we try to solve something for someone that’s not our problem, we take on their negative energy in an unhealthy way. Let others be independent problem-solvers for themselves.

  • Shield yourself from the negative energy of others as if you were shielding yourself from an atomic bomb.


  • Negative mood/emotions/attitudes are catching.

  • Run away like a 900 lb bear is chasing you.

  • Put up a wall of positive, God-inspired joy.

  • Meditate on God’s word day and night to build your muscle of contented joy in the peace of Jesus’s salvation.

Meditate on God’s word day and night to build your muscle of contented joy in the peace of Jesus’s salvation


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