Meditation on Meditation

Meditation is the new, hot topic amongst all the podcasters and influencers that I follow. It’s been gaining in popularity for the last several years. I started meditation a few years ago when the migraines got unbearable and nothing else seemed to help.

Meditation got me through some of the darkest days, health-wise. I support most of the hype surrounding its benefits. Unfortunately, there’s a religious backlash to meditation, especially in my brand of conservative Lutheranism. Rightfully so, there are some concerns regarding meditation, especially when it gets taken to the point of religion itself.

However, I believe prayer is a form of meditation.

Prayer is about blocking your surroundings and losing yourself to a higher power. For me, meditation is about lessening your ego’s hold on your life. The self-centered ego is all about status and personal gain. Those pursuits often end in emptiness if not tempered with a greater sense of purpose. So, then, meditation is learning to relax your ego in order to focus on transforming your focus to pursuits that actually fulfill you.

As I meditate thoughts occur to me, pack the lunches.  Remember the library books.  Find the library books.  Trash day.  Bike day.  I let them go, saying, if it’s important, it will return.  And, not surprisingly, the important things do.  The unimportant things drift away, circling back at a better moment or lost forever.  By removing my attachment to all ideas being important I’ve freed my conscious mind for remembering the actual important.  I’ve also asked my subconscious to focus on ideas that need more thought and time to develop, the big ideas.  Consciously, I can focus on one or two things at a time.  Subconsciously, my focus is limitless. I allow my brain to process in the background while consciously forgetting all the little things that add up to make me crazy.

Finding time to meditate is the hardest part of my meditation practice.

Convincing myself to meditate, again, when I wonder how taking off one day could hurt me, is the hardest part. Once I start, I always enjoy the practice. I recommend the Insight Timer app if you like a guided experience. They have meditations ranging from completely guided to a basic timer.

Have you tried meditation? Did it work for you?


Sunset on the Flint Hills Prairie Watercolor
Sunset on the Flint Hills Prairie Watercolor


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