Manage Your Mind

Perhaps the hardest task in our modern world is to manage your mind. With so many distractions and disruptions to our daily lives, it’s no wonder people are scattered. Emotionally, physically, mentally. All this jumbling around is hard on the system. And sets the perfect stage for mood swings.

In a stream of consciousness, I wrote the following:

I can’t be who you want me to be.

I can’t be who you need me to be.

I can’t even be who I need me to be.

I can’t because I’m broken.

Broken on the inside.

Falling apart.

Rapidly imploding.

Breaking faster and faster.

I’m in pain.

The pain is all-consuming.

Consuming my will to try.




After I had that little outburst, the following came to me:

Flowers need space to spread out and grow. Carrots need thinning after they’re planted. You plant 100 seeds and hope 50 come up. Then you pull about 50% of what did come up, so they have space to grow. Seems counterintuitive to pull up perfectly good plants, but if you don’t, no one will have space to grow properly.

People need space to grow and think. Thoughts, like carrots, need thinning. How much of our days are spent racing from one thought to the next? Work – kids – groceries – pets – laundry – holidays – special events – fundraisers – and on and on.

My solution to this problem is prayer and meditation.

I’m rarely able to completely clear my mind, but instead of focusing on all these thoughts at the same time, they’re allowed to flow freely, in and right back out. Adding a daily meditation practice, and weeding out the racing thoughts has added peace to my life, like nothing else.

The funny thing is, I actually accomplish more now that my thoughts are fewer.

The other funny thing is that I attempt less.

I’ve listened to all the lifestyle experts who say, less is more! Start saying no! I was unable to figure out what to cut out until I got control of my thinking.

I realized I was self-sabotaging myself by adding little, no big deal things to my schedule. I’ll just stop by wherever on my way to whatever. It’ll take no time at all. I made up these little jobs for myself to do at home in the evenings. It was the cumulation of all these little, no big deal things that had me overwhelmed.

What I finally realized is that I need to say no to myself. Let a few things go undone. Let a few more. Do the bare minimum for a while and see what doesn’t matter as much as you thought it did.


Finally, I realized:

Feeling stuck is inevitable. Staying stuck is a choice.

Cut out the meaningless clutter from your mind and life. Manage your mind first.

But it’s hard you say, and what does it really matter? I can’t. These are all resistance talking. By allowing your thoughts to race and schedule to wander, you’re not living to your potential. Weed your thoughts and schedule so you can express yourself, and get your true self out there.

The world (your spouse, kids, family, and friends, yes those people) needs you at your best!

Bahía de La Concha Spain
Bahía de La Concha Spain


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