Lollipop Flowers #1

I caused a car accident.  Yes, it was me.  Resulted in minor injuries, and a huge traffic jam.  I was so embarrassed and traumatized and angry and…

The emotional burden of November and December holidays, creating art to make people’s lives better, take care of my kids.  The crash was 3 days before my first art booth at an event, and I was on my way to pick up frames for an upcoming art show at Paper Birch Landing.  Over stressed?  Yes.

Over on Instagram I’ve been sharing my new series – Lollipop Flowers.  This series represents the longing I see for people to slow down and bring more joy into their lives.

So I’m creating this Lollipop Flowers series about lowering stress, and got myself stressed out enough to space out for a split second and cause a crash.

Need to take some of my own advice?  Big time.  

I’m creating this series for anyone who identifies with being overworked and stressed out.

In the days following the crash, I had many errands to run, the booth to run, plus I hosted an event at my church where I decorated a table for 8 ladies.  By Monday morning I was drained.  If there’s anything I’ve learned in overcoming health challenges, it’s that I need space and time to heal.  I could feel the depression and negative self-talk creeping in.  So…

I spent the last two days resting, reflecting and planning on the couch.  Resting my injured neck.  Reflecting on how I had over-scheduled myself to the point of distraction.  And planning what activities I want to keep and what needs to go.  I’m not completely healed, but I am refreshed.  And have a good sense of what I need to keep me on track.

If you feel over-burdened or over-stressed, this series is for you (and me).  It’s a chance to slow down and enjoy the process.

Lollipop Flowers 1
Lollipop Flowers 1

So far, I’ve been obsessed with the color yellow in the lollipop series.  Yellow is cheerful and brightens moods.  If you’re down, yellow can bring you up.  To compliment the yellow, I’ve been adding grey, magenta and touches of green. All of these complimentary colors are more earthy and grounding.

It’s challenging my notions of what “matches” or “goes together.”  I’ve been challenging myself to combine colors that don’t traditionally go together.  Growing up, my mom told me that a true artist likes all colors.  Lately, as I paint more and more, I’ve realized that I love all colors and am more excited everyday to work with new combinations.

  1. This series just seems like a giant leap forward for you, Leah. I look forward to more. In keeping with the lollipop/dealing with stress theme, I think it would be a good idea when a person is feeling stressed to take a “lollipop break.” Grab a lollipop and just sit and pray/meditate/refocus while you enjoy the lollipop!

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