Creativity with a Capital C


Today’s post is brought to you by the heights of excitement and the depths of depression.  By the highest highs and lowest lows.  In other words, Creativity.  With a capital C.


Creative types include: entrepreneurs, artists, painters, sculptors, weavers, spinners, writers, bloggers, yoga instructors, right brained individuals, etc., etc., etc.


Ever feel like you’re spinning your wheels? You have dreams but they just won’t come true, no matter how much you visualize. You think and plan and keep trying harder but nothing works.  The ideas are too ethereal to be realized.  No amount of work can translate what can’t be said, only felt deeply.


Feeling like you have to create this Thing that is so stressful.. but even more stressful if It can’t get out of you.


Not everyone understands the need to create something bigger than yourself.  That’s ok. It’s ok to be misunderstood and to misunderstand others.  If we were all created equal and the same, life would be boring.  In fact, we wouldn’t get much done.  Sameness would lead to flat lining.


A Creative Person can lose weeks or even months because of depression and anxiety. Life hits them harder than even keel types.


So worried they become depressed. So depressed they become worried.


When things go well they go really well. When things start to go bad, sometimes, it’s hard to recover.  Or they do eventually recover, but it takes a long time.


There’s a certain essence about being a Creative that causes chaos. When the essence of Creativity is off, the ideas are clogged. When the essence of Creativity is on, the ideas flow. You need the periods of clogging to ruminate and create new things. A pause. A time to refresh. And yet, to slow down is painful.


Diet and exercise and sleep help to a point. Creatives need to do this big thing also need take care of themselves.  Taking care of oneself can actually lead to freedom.  But it’s boring.  How is taking care of oneself so difficult and so mundane?  The routine becomes monotonous but the monotony leads to freedom.  Working with a bigger goal in mind, the daily pursuit of bringing your ideas into the world makes the sum of little ideas birth a huge idea.


Staying stuck seems like the only option, yet impossible.  The Thing, the Idea, the Creativity must come out.


The Creativity is like a child.  The Ideas must be birthed through a process.  We expect a child to be born over the course of several months and end in labor.  The Creative process needs room to grow the Ideas and a labor to release them into the world.


Express yourself, get your true self out there. Grow and feed your ideas. Help them get out of your head and into the world.  As Marie Forleo Says, “the world needs that special gift that only you have.”


When you feel defeated remember:

Flowers need space to grow well.

Carrots need thinning to fully develop.

People need space, to grow, think and create.


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