But First, Coffee


I’ve got to be honest, coffee is the reason I get out of bed some days.  Since having kids, I’ve developed a coffee habit.  It’s comforting and motivating in a way that other hot beverages just can’t match.  I’ve tried.  Tea. Matcha. They’re just not coffee.

Once I’ve had my cup of coffee, I can be excited about life.  I can create art.

What gets you going in the morning?

More Coffee Less Talkee
More Coffee Less Talkee


Inspiration! Inspiration?

How to get inspiration?  Recently, I’ve gotten my inspiration from Instagram.  I’ve tried reading art books and researching artists through blogs.  I love art museums, but don’t take them in often.  Instagram, however, is an easy source of endless ideas.  I recently read Austin Kleon’s book, Steal Like an Artist.  He describes how to get inspiration from others artists and take what they do, but make it your own.  No copying, but inspiration.  It’s a great read, if you do anything creative.

I also find that working regularly, and consistently brings more inspiration.  If I get too busy or let my stress get too high, my inspiration drops off dramatically.  As soon as I start working consistently, my inspiration seems to flow.

So there you go!  A couple of ways that I find inspiration.