Art to Inspire

Leah started drawing to help with migraine pain.  Drawing actually helps the pain decrease, so Leah kept going and started painting.  Now, she's continuing to learn and grow her art to inspire others.  Art can be healing!

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Art to Heal

Art can heal more than the soul, which Leah learned through daily practice.  Some days the art is better than others.  Leah has learned that the process is what really matters.

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Live to Learn

Comparison has been called the thief of joy.  Leah is learning each day what brings her joy and hopes to inspire others to do the same.  When we fill our own cup first, we have more to give others.

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Love + Joy + Peace + Light

Leah's mission is to bring love and joy and peace and light to the people she touches.

Art can heal the soul as well as physical ailments.  Leah wants to spread a message of healing through beautiful pictures.

Leah's main mediums include acrylic painting, pencil, pen, and marker.

Valentine's Sunrise

Next Steps...

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