About Leah

Leah Lambart

Our Philosophy

Leah is driven by a desire to express her deepest emotions through art.  Sometimes words aren't enough.  Drawing and painting can express emotions that word's can't.  Through sharing art with others, Leah has realized art, and sharing art is a passion.

Leah's Story

Leah started out her career working in public health.  After a few years, she and her husband started a family.  Leah intended to keep working, but alas, she missed her kids too much, so quit working to stay home with them.  Due to stress or something, Leah started experiencing migraines everyday.  Needless to say, managing two littles with migraines was almost impossible.  Two years with a neurologist and loads of medication later, Leah realized medication was not working and making things worse.  Through meditation, journaling and sketching, Leah realized that drawing and painting actually reduced the migraine pain.  Leah kept using art as a healing therapy and now wants to share that with the world.

Art Shows

Leah has recently started showing her art at a local gallery.  She is excited to bring her inspiration to others.


Thinking In Stereo

October 14, 2016

Paper Birch Landing Gallery

Kansas City, MO

Leah's first show, it brought together friends and family!

Views of the Future

March 10, 2017

Paper Birch Landing Gallery

Kansas City, MO

Leah's second show!  Looking forward to it.

Love is Free

You can find Leah's art at Fine Art America.  Or you can check out the Zazzle store, Love is Free.  Love isn't a finite resource.  The more you give, the more you have.  Spread it around like glitter!

Leah loves sharing art and love!

Next Steps...

Keep up with Leah through Fine Art America, Zazzle and Instagram.  Follow on Instagram and Facebook for local events.  Click below...